2020-Small Form Factor, Home Security Powerhouse

We’re happy to announce the launch of latest indoor home security camera, Kami Mini! Don’t let this camera’s name fool you even though it’s small, it truly is a powerhouse and contains all the must-have home security features you expect and more.

Mini Camera brings a new era of detection to smart home security, packed inside a small form factor. You’ll be able to take advantage of advanced AI-powered features such as Face Detection and Human Detection, to keep an eye on your home, thanks to the edge computing enabled Sense lab chip.  

What is Human Detection?

Human Detection, allows you to spend less time worrying about false alarms and spend more time focusing on the things that matter to you the most. Using edge computing the Kami Mini can identify and alert you to human figures, reducing notifications caused by insects, changes in light, or pets. 

Face Detection

What is Face Detection?

Thanks to Face Detection, you’ll be able to see a highlight of every face that has appeared in your alerts, making it easier to search through your clips than ever before.